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Release, relax, unwind




Social contact, the joy of bodywork, mobilization, movement, relaxation and "doing something good for someone" move and motivate me every day to pursue my passion for massage. 


In addition to my fulfilling job as a massage therapist, in my free time I enjoy being out in nature with my dog, doing sport, reading and traveling.


I look forward to welcoming you to my practice in Forch.


  • Qualified wellness massage therapist

  • Qualified classical massage therapist

  • Source® Massage & Bodywork Practitioner

  • Medical basics 

  • Qualified foot reflexology massage therapist

Further education

  • NEURO myofascial bodywork 

  • Lymphdrainage 

  • Workshop and supervision of lateral position massage and pregnancy massage

  • Structured deep work on sacroiliac joint and sacrum

  • Cupping techniques for the shoulders: targeted fascia movement through massage, optimally supported with cupping techniques. A key to shoulder girdle pain management

  • Naturopathic dry cupping with fire

  • Supervision of naturopathic dry cupping with fire

  • Introduction to muscle chain work and stimulation of the contractile fields


  • Source ®  Bodywork Association  

  • ASCA Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine 

  • EMR ErfahrungsMedizinisches Register 

  • EGK Therapist Position


Source is an exceptional massage style that has developed from various forms of therapy and combines innovations from the field of modern bodywork with tried and tested methods. Other elements from methods such as Esalen® massage, classical massage, Trager, Rolfing®, cranio-sacral therapy, Feldenkrais®, Shiatsu and myofascial deep tissue massage round off the Source® massage to create a powerful and constantly evolving massage style. Through the trained and sensitive hands of the Source®Massage practitioner, the client can experience deep relaxation. Physical, mental and emotional blockages can be recognized and dissolved. The mindful use of deep myofascial structural work in combination with long strokes over the whole body, passive stretches and mobilization of the joints has the effect of releasing painful, tense muscles and adhered tissue and activating self-healing powers.


Your massage session begins with a conversation to understand your concerns and your current state of mind. The time you book is pure massage time, and does not include the pre- and post-talk. Each massage is individual and is always different.


The Source massage involves long strokes over the whole body, passive movement and mobilization elements and gentle stretching. The effect of a Source massage is to relax, balance and harmonize the body. According to conventional medicine, stress is the most common cause of physical complaints. Relaxation triggers many healing processes.


90/120 min. full body massage



The classic massage can have a targeted effect on common complaints such as shoulder/neck tension, back problems (e.g. sciatica, intervertebral discs) and leg complaints.

Selected joint mobilizations and stretches are applied and deeper muscle layers are reached.


  • Among other things, it is also used to

  • increase well-being

  • recharge your batteries

  • increase blood circulation

  • activate the lymph flow

  • support the metabolism

  • strengthen the immune system

  • positively influence the autonomic nervous system

  • reduce stress

  • lower blood pressure


45/60 min. partial massage back, shoulders and neck

60/90/120 min. full body massage


Relaxation and regeneration is the goal, the main benefit of reflexology. With the set impulse, we arouse the attention of the associated organ and thereby automatically improve blood circulation. The foot reflex massage noticeably promotes inner balance and general well-being and at the same time allows our body to be positively and holistically stimulated.

It is used, among other things, to:

  • to increase well-being

  • to refuel

  • to relieve pain

  • to relieve muscle tension

  • to increase blood flow

  • to activate the lymph flow

  • to support the metabolism

  • to strengthen the immune system

  • positively influence the autonomic nervous system

  • to reduce stress

  • to regulate blood pressure

When booking, please note FOOT REFLEXOLOGY in the message


60 minutes foot reflexology massage



Targeted movement of the fasciae through massage, optimally supported by cupping techniques.


  • Effects of the negative pressure

  • Loosening up

  • Activation of blood circulation

  • Activation of the lymph flow

  • Reduction of inflammatory mediators

  • Improvement of the metabolic situation

  • Improvement of supply and disposal

  • Improvement of detoxification and healing processes

  • Regulation of organ activity

  • Effect on the epidermis (cleanses the skin and opens the pores for valuable oils, creams, cosmetics)

  • Effect on pain (pain receptors)

  • Effect on fascia architecture 


I work with silicone cupping bells from BellaBambi®. 

BellaBambi® creates a negative pressure on the skin, which lifts the fascia layer. The additional space created makes it easier for the fascia to move, provides noticeably more suppleness and supports regeneration. Under the edge of the BellaBambi® there is also pressure on the tissue, which supports detoxification and the exchange of substances.


When booking, please note CUPPING in the message

60 min. integrated into a partial massage

90/120 min. integrated into a full body massage


Most important areas of application of the cupping massage:

  • General back pain and tension

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Activation of the metabolism

  • Lower back and lumbar area: local back pain, bladder problems, stimulation of blood circulation in the intestines and legs

Most important areas of application of cupping therapy:

  • Diseases of the respiratory tract

  • Discomfort in the digestive tract

  • Headache

  • Arthrosis pain, lumbago, shoulder/arm syndrome

  • PMS 

  • Weakness, which can be remedied with measures to increase circulation

Cupping is one of the traditional drainage methods of naturopathy, which has been practiced in a wide variety of cultures for thousands of years. A vacuum is created with special cupping glasses and fire, which pulls the skin. The suction effect stretches the connective tissue, stimulates blood circulation, loosens blockages in the musculoskeletal system and stimulates the immune, nervous and hormonal systems. The microcirculation of blood and lymph can be stimulated by the vacuum of the cupping glasses in deeper tissue layers and there is a redistribution of energy in the affected areas. With the cupping treatment via Head's zones and dermatomes, inner organs and their weak points can be treated reflexively.

When booking, please note CUPPING WITH FIRE in the message.

60 minutes integrated into a partial massage

90/120 minutes integrated into a full body massage


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BODY & SOUL Massagepraxis

Beatrice Antonioli  

Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Foot Reflexology Therapist

Source® Massage & Bodywork Practitioner
Höhenstrasse 37d, 8127 Forch 

Phone 079 705 76 13 

Visitor parking available 

OPENING HOURS                                

Mon/Wed/Thurs     12:00-20:00

Tue/Fri                      09:00-17:00

Member of Source® Bodywork Fachverband

EMR Health Insurance certified

asca Health Insurance certified
Member of EGK Therapeutenstelle


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