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Cashmere by Body&Soul 

Welcome to the world where cashmere and massage meet to offer a unique experience of luxury and well-being. Where the fabric of kings and the art of touch join hands and say: "This is for you, for your well-being, for your soul."


Like a perfectly composed symphony, the benefits of cashmere and massage come together to create an experience that stays in the memory. It is not just an act of self-care, but a journey into the world of the senses, an investment in your own well-being. An invitation to leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in a luxurious environment where body and mind are in perfect harmony. ​


The fascinating symbiosis of cashmere and massage: a feeling of well-being for body and mind. ​


Both the art of massage and the art of cashmere production have their roots in the vastness of Asia. Cashmere is a valuable wool that is obtained from the undercoat of the Cashmere goat. In massage we find similar roots in the ancient traditions of the East, both bringing a piece of cultural heritage directly to you. ​

From the vast steppes of Mongolia to my massage practice in Switzerland, a symbiosis of two worlds unfolds - the world of cashmere and the world of massage. Both are an expression of luxury, well-being and a long tradition of craftsmanship.


Mongolia is not only a country of breathtaking nature and nomadic culture, but also home to some of the finest cashmere fibers in the world. The harsh climatic conditions make the fur of the local goats particularly thick and soft. Manufacturing a high-quality cashmere product requires a delicate hand and attention to detail. The structure of the fibers, the weave, even the coloring – everything has to be perfect. When it comes to massage, the art lies in the technique of the masseur, in the rhythm and pressure, in the knowledge of the muscles and the physiological processes. Both require the highest level of specialist knowledge and craftsmanship. ​

Good cashmere and a good massage offer more than just superficial pleasure. The texture of cashmere can have a calming effect on the nervous system and create a feeling of security. At the same time, massages offer a range of psychological benefits, including stress relief and psychological relaxation. ​

Both cashmere and a high-quality massage offer a touch of exclusivity. They are not for every day, but for special moments when you want to treat yourself or others to something very special. Both can be individually tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual. ​


Supporting people by promoting and creating jobs in SMEs in Mongolia, including through the import and sale of cashmere products, is a matter close to my heart. I will personally travel to Mongolia in September and visit cashmere producers there. I would be happy to tell you more personally about my vision, the products, the people and Mongolia.

I am delighted to be able to offer you beautiful, exclusive and very high-quality 100% cashmere products from Mongolia. I have personally selected them in Ulaanbaatar.


Here are a few impressions of some of the products that are now available from me (double-click on the respective photo for a larger view). For questions about prices, sizes, colors etc. I am very happy to help you. You can also contact me via WA.




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